On a silent retreat at a Zen Monastery until 2022.

Engineer and entrepreneur. Hopping between Stanford and Harvard exploring ideas.

Made in Pontevedra, Spain. Lived in 10 countries in America, Asia, Europe, and Africa, building stuff.


Interested in deep technical topics: distributed systems/crypto, space exploration and exploitation (lunar infrastructure, microgravity manufacturing, EO software), decarbonization (fusion & fision, clean hydrogen, ammonia, steel and cement, storage, bio/electrofuels, carbon capture, geoengineering), cross-border payment infrastructure, developing economies, and internet culture.

I am passionate about extreme adventure and have a Guinness World Record for my travels, which include retreating to temples of several religions across the world, living homeless in London for 36 days, crossing half the Korean peninsula walking without money, motorbiking solo across remote Asia, or spending a summer in the outskirts of Lagos.

I have been practicing Zen for nearly a decade. Very interested in meditation, and the exploration of silence. Also into music contemplation, reading broadly, and cinema

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