We are what we read

A bookshelf is a projection of a reader's mind. Here's a non-exhaustive look at my physical library.

I am more into ideas than information. Intuition over details. Philosophy over history. I dislike the ephimeral and non-actionable. Preference for old books, specially when related to human nature. News are toxic. Business books boring.

I found particularly interesting the ones in maroon. Order does not imply preference. Inclusion does not imply endorsement, only curiosity. Penguin is my favorite publisher. As for classics, you may find better editions than the ones included below.

My favorite books of 2021 so far have been: The Three Body Problem trilogy, Americana: A 400 year history of American Capitalism, How Asia works, Shoe Dog, The Case for Space, and a bunch of Krishnamurti's transcribed lectures.

Any recommendations? :) Send them over! me@rodrifernandez.com

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